Suporte, Operações e Logística Aeronáutica
SOLAR - Support, Operations & Logistcs, Aeronautical Resources | DIVISION of MACROCONSULTING BRASIL
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Information and Operational Support Center

Operators effectively committed to maintain the best practices of operational safety and administration in a level of excellence similar to what is expected from quality airlines oppose no small challenge.

Being successful under these conditions involves reconciling operational solutions that require high structural investment with, mostly, low intensity operations and its resulting impacts on the economies of scale.

Not to mention the serious shortage of well-trained experienced dispatchers in the industry, on our country.

This reveals a strong demand for an operational solution in conditions to satisfy the complexity of needs every quality aware air-taxi or corporate flight department faces, without overlooking the financial restraints imposed to relatively small organizations or single operators alike.

With this perception and objective we are structuring an Information and Operational Support Center able to attend flights within Brazil or abroad (CIAO, as the Portuguese acronym goes), founded on the savigs and advantages provided by a cost-sharing model.

Thus, CIAO is designed to offer each customer the proportional use of a support structure that enables high-quality solutions with a cost-benefit normally inaccessible outside an environment of high intensity operations.

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